Have an idea that could make Birmingham Smarter? Get in touch

The Birmingham Smart City Alliance tries to help good ideas from anywhere in Birmingham and the West Midlands connect across the region with the people, support and resources they need to succeed.

The Alliance has been supported since it’s earliest days by Birmingham City Council, Digital Birmingham and the Greater Birmingham and Solihull Local Enterprise Partnership, and now counts in its steering group membership 20 city institutions, businesses and individual innovators. Many of those institutions have support programmes and contact networks that can help good ideas succeed. Countless local organisations and individuals have attended our open workshops and discussions to share their ideas and seek support.

The Alliance is a body formed simply by a set of organisations and people who were willing to act. We don’t have any formal mandate in Birmingham or the wider region, and so we do not set any strategy or objectives for Birmingham: we simply attempt to support those set out by the Council and LEP, in particular through the Smart City Commission.

If you have a good idea that you think could make Birmingham a Smarter, fairer, healthier, happier, more successful place, please get in touch through our twitter account, our Linked In Group, or by contacting one of the members of our Steering Group.


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