About the Alliance

Birmingham has set out its vision for the future as a “Smart City” in strategies such as the reports of Birmingham City Council’s Smart City and Green Commissions; and in the Greater Birmingham and Solihul Local Enterprise Partnership’s Strategy for Growth. To achieve the objectives in those strategies, Birmingham will need to collaborate across its public and academic institutions and businesses to co-ordinate their resources and activities and to support a sustainable, thriving economy that creates financial and social growth amongst local businesses and community organisations through developing innovative, technology-based solutions to city challenges.

Birmingham has unique strengths that will help in this process, including:

  • Its innate size as the second largest city in the UK;
  • The youngest city population in Europe;
  • The most ethnically and culturally diverse city population in Europe;
  • A history of leading innovation dating back to the Industrial Revolution;
  • Strong capabilities in digital technology, creative media, healthcare, advanced manufacturing and the arts;
  • One of the largest local authorities in Europe;
  • An education system that contains world class higher education Institutions;
  • A broad base of business incubation capabilities linked to education, research capabilities, business clusters and local communities;
  • The developing unique and long-term experiment in physical regeneration through education and innovation, with many of the city’s Universities, colleges and incubation facilities clustering around the new Eastside city park adjacent to the planned HS2 terminus;
  • A geographical position at the heart of the country’s road and rail networks.

With this in mind the Birmingham Smart City Alliance was formed between Birmingham City Council, the Greater Birmingham and Solihull LEP, Millennium Point, IBM, SCC and Innovation Birmingham; and has extended across other institutions and stakeholders in the city. The purpose of the Alliance is to use it’s resources and networks to support the shared objectives of Birmingham in the development of a smart and connected city, as expressed by Birmingham City Council, it’s Commissions, especially the Smart City Commission, and the Greater Birmingham and Solihull Local Enterprise Partnership. In particular, many Alliance members are institutions that offer support to small businesses, entrepreneurs and communities, and we are seeking to make this support more widely available to help them contribute to Birmingham’s development as a Smart City.

The Alliance has a Steering Group that meets every month to discuss new initiatives to support Birmingham as a Smart City. We’ll be setting up a proper way for anyone to get in touch with the Alliance soon, but in the meantime, if you’d like to know more, please contact one of the steering group members, or reach us through our twitter account or Linked In Group.#

Birmingham Smart City Alliance Steering Group membership:

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